'N Sync slash fan-fiction by 'NSyncGrrl.

This is the only archive of my 'N Sync slash fiction. There should be NO other archived versions of these stories posted. Doing so violates copyright. If you find them elsewhere, or find plagarized versions, please let me know by emailing me at pharrgrrl at yahoo.com.

Unfortunately, the stories are only in PDF format. No, I can't send it to you in HTML or RTF or whatever. I don't write this anymore. If you're looking for original gay fiction, follow the link below to my writing site.

I've broken the files up into what I figured most people would want to read the two most popular series and the entire site. If you are looking for individual stories or other series, they are in the large file (listed first). Some of the stories have been removed because they are going to be rewritten into original fiction. If you are interested in reading them or my current gay or m/m writings, please visit my website (linked below).

Thanks for reading.

Zipped PDF files of my Fan-Fiction:
Most Everything -- a large download, 3.23 MB
All I Ever Wanted -- Justin/Lance series, 1.59 MB
The Way I Am -- JC/Eminem series, 171 KB

NOTE: You will need WinZip and Abode Acrobat Reader
to open & view these files.

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